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Welcome to our Arts & Crafts Fair! The artisans and craftspeople in our exclusive group were selected for their creativity and unique vision as well as for their commitment to creating high quality hand made items.

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Moonhallow Vintage Halloween Folk Art - Jan Pierce

Halloween has been Jan Pierce's favorite holiday for as long as she can remember. For her, it was always about the costumes and spooky decorations! She loved the haunted houses and the eerie decor full of creepy cobwebs and forgotten relics. Having been raised with an appreciation for antiques (Her parents are antique dealers), She has an affinity for the vintage images of Halloween past. It is these images coupled with a dark imagination that inspire many of her designs.
   In addition to being one of our talented artisans, Jan is also a member of Unique Halloween Artist Treasures (UHAT), Halloween Artists Gathering (HA31) and The Halloween Art Guild. She was named to the 2008 Early American Life Holiday Directory. Her work has been pictured in various magazines and featured on numerous websites.

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