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Frequently Asked Questions


  What exactly do you do to my website? -- This is probably the most frequently asked question! In order to answer it, I have to explain how SEO works. I have done that here ---> How SEO Works!  I can tell you that among other things, I rearrange the site as needed, change the text to include key words in the proper places, and make sure you have a full set of meta tags. 
  Can you guarantee that my webpage will rank #1? -- NO! - if some one guarantees a rank for you they are scamming you! Run away as fast as you can! The best any honest SEOer can do is use search engine approved techniques to improve your current rank - how much depends on too many factors to be predicted. Each SEOer has their own preferred techniques. I have developed my techniques over the past few years and they have proven effective. They even withstood the last few devastating updates by Google that sent the SEO world into panic.   
  Will it cost a fortune? -- Not if I am the optimizer you choose!  I specialize in helping the "Little Guy" get found! I understand that not everybody has a large SEO budget. In fact, that is how I got started. SEO was just too darn expensive to pay someone else to do. I feel that the "Little Guy" should have the same chance at a number 1 ranking that a giant company has. The more work you can do, the less it will cost to optimize your site. 
  Do I need to know anything about computers or webpages? -- If you can take digital pictures and email, you are all set.  (hard copy pictures and snail mail will work too, they just take a bit longer) I can explain everything else in layman's terms if you want to know. I am also working on a glossary of common SEO terms that I will post here when it is more complete.
  How long will it take to see results? -- Ah, the impossible to answer question. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell in advance how long it will take to see results. There are a few things that factor in, like the age of your site, the amount of links from other sites, and how large your site is. It also depends on which search engine you look in - some engines don't update as often as others. Some go months between updates. Expect to not see results for the first 2-3 months on an existing site. Brand new sites can take up to 6-8 months to see results. High ranked sites are spidered (visited by the search engines) more frequently, so changes show up faster as your site starts to improve in rank.
  Where do I start? -- That's an easy one - email me with a link to your site (or just the URL) and I can tell you if I can help you and approximately how much it will cost to See Ya At The Top! You should also include in the email, your goals for your site, your desired keywords (2 or 3 word phrases) and any other specifics that you feel I should know.


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