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~ Black Magick ~

     There are people out there that will tell you Black magick is bad or evil or that you are a devil worshipper if you use it. They say you will get bad karma or suffer dire consequences if you use it. They say that White magick is the only kind of magick that can be safely used and that it should not (under any circumstances) be used for personal gain. They are wrong! The truth is, Black magick is not bad or evil and using it does not make you a devil worshipper. So why do they say such things? Easy, it is because Black Magick works and it works fast. It can get you what you want - power, love, money - whatever. The problems arise when the practitioner only thinks they know what they want and then they actually get it. This is not evil, it is irresponsible. If you use Black magick, you take responsibility for your own destiny. If you can't handle that responsibility, then Black magick is not for you.

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