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About my Magick Spells

Magick is as individual as the person practicing it!

     While much of the magick I practice is 'traditional', we live in the modern world and 'tradition' must evolve along side us. There are certain things that once were practiced that we now know to be very harmful. Some of the methods and practices can be updated as well -- for instance, we no longer need an iron cookpot and open fire to brew a potion! Some traditional spells call for ingredients that we now know to be highly toxic. My spells are for the modern world! They use safe ingredients and take advantage of modern accoutrements!

White Magick Spells

     These spells are cast using White Magick and properly consecrated ritual items. They are performed in full ritual and crafted with the utmost care. These spells conform with the Wiccan Rede and will do no harm of any kind. They are effective and safe. White Magick spells require consent in order to work. They will not influence the free will of others. Other types of Magick (such as knot magick or candle magick) may be used in conjunction with White Magick to craft your finished spell.

Black Magick Spells

     These spells are cast using Black Magick in full ritual. The consecrated ritual items used for these spells are kept seperate from those used for all other types of Magick. Black Magick is not for the novice spell caster. Special precautions must be taken when casting these spells so that the end result is safe and effective. It is questionable if these spells conform to the Wiccan Rede - it all depends on how you define 'harm'. My Black Magick spells will not do physical harm! They can cause turmoil and discord if you choose. Black Magick spells do not require consent in order to work. They can influence the free will of others. Other types of Magick (such as knot magick or candle magick) may be used in conjunction with Black Magick to craft your finished spell.

Knot Magick (Binding) Spells

     Knot or Cord Magick is a very potent form of witchcraft called "Binding". "Binding" attaches one person, energy or thing to another person, energy or thing. It can be dangerous to perform Bindings. A novice spell caster could cause you serious harm! Don't worry, I'm not a novice :) I don't bind ANYTHING or ANYONE to YOU. I bind the power of the spell to the notion! When you purchase a knot magick spell from me, you will receive a spell-charged notion like the one pictured here.

The color and focus bead will vary depending on the spell you purchase.

     Numerology is employed to fashion the notion and heighten the effects of the spell -- here are the basics... 3 is the number of manifestation. 5 represents the human world (as opposed to the spiritual world) - 9 signifies completion. I use 81" of cotton thread (3x3x3)x(3x3x3). 9 knots and a focus bead complete the notion. The result is 15 inches long (3x5=manifestation in the human world). Employing a notion in this fashion allows me to do all of my spellwork during the proper moon phases and "store" the spell for you to use. Think of it as a magickal battery.

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