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~ Black Magick Spells ~

     There are all types of magick spells. Each type of  spell  differs in the way it is crafted, but they all have one thing in common. They are all used to improve the quality of your life in one way or another. White Magick is the type of magick practiced by most witches and Wiccans. It must have consent of the intended in order to work.  Black magick does not need to have consent of the intended to work. It can influence the will of other people. Very few witches will perform black magick.

Triple Cast Knot Magick Spells

If you need a spell that is not listed, please contact me about custom spells.
Questions? Read more about my Magick Spells and check the FAQs also see this note about Black Magick

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 ~ White Magic Spells ~

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