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Frequently Asked Questions

...answers to some of the questions I am asked the most


Is magick for real? Yes, absolutely.

Are you really a witch?
Yes, I am really a witch.

Do your spells really work
? Yes, magick is unpredictable, but I don't offer spells on this site unless they have been proven to work!

How long does it take to see results?
It depends on the individuals involved and the task at hand, but results can be seen at any time after the spell is released - sometimes in as little as 24 hours!

Are spells safe to use?
My spells are will not cause harm to anyone and are perfectly safe to use.

Is black magick bad?
It depends on the reason it is being used, but in and of itself, magick is neither good nor bad -- it is the intentions behind it that you should be concerned about.

Are there any types of spells you will not do?
Yes, I will not perform bindings on people. I do not do curses or hexes for others. I also do not do healing spells for others.

Can I use more than one spell at a time? Most of the time the answer is yes, but it really depends on the exact spells you are talking about. You want to make sure they aren't working against each other. If the spells are all similar in nature and purpose, the effects of using more than one at a time can be quite rewarding. I usually recommend combining spells with potions and charms to enhance the effects of all.

Can I buy spells as gifts? Yes, white magick spells require that the recipient know about the spell. Black magick will work without the recipient's knowledge.

What if I don't want anyone to know I am using a spell?
Secrecy is an important part of most spells, so my spell notions are crafted to be inconspicuous. They look like mundane items so your spell use is easily concealed.

What do you need from me in order to perform the spell?
After you purchase a spell, you can send me an email describing your particular situation with as much detail as you are comfortable with. I do not require any sensitive info. I can work with as much or as little as you would like to provide.

How long do your spells last?
Each person and situation is different which makes it impossible to determine how long a spell will last. The life of a spell can be extended by using potions and charms along with it.

Which spell is right for me? If your situation doesn't quite fit with the spells I have listed, just drop me a note explaining and I would be happy to work with you on a custom spell.

Can a spell do more than one thing? Yes, but the more a spell is tasked with doing, the less energy can be spent doing each part which makes the overall spell less effective than if two separate spells were used.

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